Despite rumors that Andrew Tate might be planning to launch his own cryptocurrency, the social media personality and former professional kickboxer has decided to set the record straight on it and share what he truly thinks of the crypto community – and it’s not positive.

Specifically, Tate firmly rejected the notion of launching his own crypto asset, slamming the crypto community on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) as “the biggest degenerate losers on the planet” as he sat down with Rob Moore for an episode of the Disruptors Podcast streamed on February 23.

Messing with crypto crowd

As he explained in the part of the interview that he also shared on his X profile Cobratate on February 25, he simply likes to play games with the crypto community, considering he has an extremely low opinion of its participants, whom he sees as inferior:

“I just like to f*ck with crypto Twitter because crypto Twitter is the biggest degenerate losers on the planet. They’re losers. Crypto is the only scenario I can think of where you can make a whole bunch of money while benefitting society zero.”

Furthermore, he compared crypto with doing “something bad in a normal company,” like getting blood diamonds, arguing that that was better than crypto because “you do something good, (…) you manage to make a security contractor happy by paying him a bunch of money to point AKs at the children, you do something good for someone.”

Lessons learned

On the other hand, “crypto is unique, where somebody can take $100 and make a million dollars and benefit society 0%, they never help anyone at any point, and they never learn any lessons along the way.” In Tate’s view, making money the way he does is better because he’s learned many important lessons:

“You learn how to speak, how to deal with stress, you learn how to manage people, you learn banking, you learn taxes, you learn things. If you make a bunch of money on a crypto pump, you have learned nothing and benefitted nobody. It is the lazy person’s dream to buy a sh*tcoin, it blows up, then get rich with no work.”

As he further explained, “the world is cyclical, because there’s no light without dark, because God is just, these people always end up broke because they never learn any skills,” and they give “no net benefit to the universe,” while if he lost everything today, he would know “how to make it all back, better and faster than before.”

At the same time, crypto enthusiasts “know nothing, all they know is to gamble so they gamble again, lose more, borrow money, gamble again, lose more,” hence he believes that “crypto Twitter is full of degenerate losers and I love to play games with them because they would love me to launch a coin because they’d make a bunch of money.”

However, the popular influencer also voiced his view that there is “no such thing as free money” and “for everyone who wins, someone else must lose. (…) I refuse to sell out my fans for money, I’m not Logan Paul, and I will not do that, so for that reason, I will never launch a crypto.”

As a reminder, Andrew Tate earlier said he would launch his own coin, back it with $100 million of his own money, and never sell, and that he would let the members of his Hustler’s University get in early at a discount but he later deleted the post as Finbold reported on February 2.

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